For a visual tour highlighting various steps, processes, techniques, etc. used in the construction of my instruments, select one of the items below:

C-15 Rosewood and Western Redcedar

This 15″ deep-bodied OM-sized guitar features Indian Rosewood back and sides with a Western Redcedar top. A double-X bracing pattern replaces the traditional X-brace and soundbars. A bolt-on neck, the incorporation of carbon fiber, and loads of custom inlay details make this an interesting read.

C-16 Myrtle and Spruce Venetian Cutaway

This Myrtle and Spruce C-16 features a larger 16″ lower bout with a Venetian style cutaway. The sides and binding are bent by hand (as opposed to using an electric blanket bending machine). Closeups of custom forms and jigs are included, along with one of my approaches to laminated bracing.

C-17 Walnut and Curly Sinker Redwood Venetian Cutaway

Here I present my jumbo 17″ cutaway model in Claro Walnut and Curly Sinker Redwood, replete with photos and details of the build process. I use a traditional X-brace pattern for the Soundboard, but the Soundboard braces are laminated carbon fiber and Spruce. The back is braced with progressive fan-style pattern, and I add a comfortable Everett-style transitional arm bevel to the body. Additionally, I detail the construction of my pinless bridge.

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