Guitar Models

Models and Specifications

Cozad guitars are handcrafted one at a time utilizing both time-honored and modern methods and materials. As a custom acoustic guitar builder, any and all feature requests will considered.

Unless otherwise specified, standard features on every guitar include the following:

  • Multi-piece carbon fiber and wood necks are laminated for structural integrity and individually shaped to fit the player
  • Carbon fiber and wood laminated bracing offers unparalleled strength-to-weight ratios
  • Laminated bent rim lining, also called solid kerfing, facilitates excellent transference of energy from the soundboard to the back plate
  • Wooden binding and purfling are selected to best compliment the guitar
  • Surfaces are protected using a post-catalyzed French-polished Shellac, the finest material available

Custom features, available on any guitar, include the following:

  • Soundboard material selection
  • Back and sides material selection
  • Headplate, fingerboard and bridge material selection
  • Nut and saddle material selection
  • Tuner (machine head) selection
  • Cutaways, arm bevels, and rib rests
  • Alternate bracing patterns
  • Alternate soundhole location(s) and soundport(s)
  • Custom inlay
  • Pickup selection (if required)

Cozad guitars are currently offered in 3 models, readily distinguished by lower bout width, and a variety of options:

Model Width Depth Nut Scale
C-15 15″ 4.625″ 1.75″ 25.4″
C-16 16″ 4.75″ 1.75″ 25.4″
C-17 17″ 5″ 1.75″ 25.5″

Model C-15

15″ 14-Fret 6 String

Cozad C-15
The deep bodied C-15 is well-suited to stylists preferring a smaller instrument with a bigger voice

This example features a Western Redcedar soundboard with Indian Rosewood back and sides. Visual features are Ebony headplate, fingerboard, binding, soundhole binding, bridge and end graft, Paua rosette and logo, Mahogany vine inlay, and BWB body purfling. This instrument utilizes a double-X bracing pattern.

C-15 Specifications:

  • Upper Bout: 11.25″
  • Waist: 9″
  • Lower Bout: 15″
  • Body Length: 19.5″
  • Body Depth: 4.625″
  • Scale Length: 25.4″

Model C-16

16″ 14-Fret 6 String

Cozad C-16
The C-16 has pleasing curves, a well-balanced output, is comfortably-sized, and an all-around performer

This example features a completely removable Mahogany neck, Sitka Spruce soundboard with spalted Oregon Myrtle back and sides. Visual features are Macassar Ebony fingerboard and bridge, Ebony headplate, binding, soundhole binding and end graft, Myrtle rosette and logo, and Venetian cutaway. This instrument utilizes Spruce and Rosewood laminate bracing.

C-16 Specifications:

  • Upper Bout: 11.75″
  • Waist: 9.5″
  • Lower Bout: 16″
  • Body Length: 20″
  • Body Depth: 4.75″
  • Scale Length: 25.4″

Model C-17

17″ 14-Fret 6 String

Cozad C-17
The C-17 boasts outstanding bass response, a huge voice, power on demand, and is a finger stylists’ dream

This example features a gorgeous Sinker Redwood soundboard with Claro Walnut back and sides. Visual features include a Macassar Ebony fingerboard, bridge, and headplate, Ebony body binding, soundhole binding and end graft, Walnut and Paua rosette, Paua “Soundwaves” inlay, Venetian cutaway and a comfortable, transitional arm bevel. This instrument utilizes a traditional X-bracing pattern made from Spruce and Carbon Fiber laminates.

C-17 Specifications:

  • Upper Bout: 11.75″
  • Waist: 10.5″
  • Lower Bout: 17″
  • Body Length: 20.5″
  • Body Depth: 5″
  • Scale Length: 25.5″

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